Clarence is a rescue...but he rescued me. He has swagger, smarts, humor, good looks, and although his face says otherwise..SWEETNESS!

Voting Begins

February 2nd at 2PM EST

Welcome to America's Favorite Pet! Clarence was selected to compete for a shot at $5,000 and a feature in Dogster or Catster magazine. Voting begins soon!

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What's Clarence’s favorite toy?

He has a lot of toys, but would rather toy with his brothers’ emotions;) He’s not opposed to a cardboard box, either...

What’s Clarence's go-to treat?

Clarence is a “mature” gentleman with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. He LOVES salad dressing, hummus, and cheese, but Instead gets prescription treats that don’t hurt his belly! He was recently hospitalized for his triaditis, but is being a good boy and spits out his meds only *sometimes*.

Why should they be the favorite cat?

Clarence was in a shelter at 7-8 years old. I wanted to adopt an older guy, but was really looking for a giant cat! This 6.39 lb nugget strutted over to me and stole my heart (even though I was terrified of cats!) He greets all guests, supervises me as I walk the dogs, our sanitation workers ask for him when they come to collect trash...I have 2 LARGE dogs, but he’s the guy in charge!!! His face says it all! He’s been through so much—we’ve come so far in the past 9 years.