GCR (Gold Creek Ranch) Togo

Togo is a 5 month old border collie pup training to be a service dog. He is cute and handsome and super smart!

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February 2nd at 2PM EST

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What's GCR (Gold Creek Ranch) Togo’s favorite toy?

Togo's favorite toy is a little bucket. He holds the handle in his mouth and troops around the house waiving around the pail. Sometimes we stuff toys into it so he can show them off to his older brother and sister.

What’s GCR (Gold Creek Ranch) Togo's go-to treat?

Togo loves cheese more than anything. One day we went to the store and bought a variety of cheeses for him to try, but he just loved all of them (although I'd like to think American Cheese was his favorite)

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Togo is an amazing pupperino. He works his tail off during training, and is the cutest little bundle off fluff on his time off. He is so sweet and so cuddly, and so so so cute!!