Karmic • Outgoing • Noble • Guardian • Therapy Dog • Literacy Awareness Promoter • 110 Pounds of Pure Love

Placed 2nd

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What's Kong’s favorite toy?

Mr. Bill was the first toy that Kong didn't destroy. Fascinated by Mr. Bill's refrain, “Oh No”, Kong connected with his new friend. Like Mr. Bill, Kong has an antagonist – his sister, Suki! Kong still loves Mr. Bill, but an orange-billed, purple duck that squeaks is now his favorite toy. During his recovery from dental surgery, the duck became Kong’s comfort buddy.

What’s Kong's go-to treat?

Big dog, big appetite - any human food is his go-to treat!! Kong is definitely a carnivore, but he also has a sweet tooth. I have to say, it is a toss-up between homemade beef jerky treats or his hooman grandpa’s homemade kolachy cookies. Oh, and with a name like Kong, he does like his bananas!

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Working with autistic children, Kong plays a meaningful community role as a Pawsitive Friendships’ therapy dog, helping kids develop their communication and social skills. Kong also aides in promoting children’s literacy via school visits and carrying on the Blueberry Bear Tales’ legacy. Unofficially, Kong awaits application approval as a dog blood donor. For this All-American GSD/Lab rescue, carting, melting hearts, and just being a dog is his thing.