Kronos is a half deaf Australian Cattle Dog with heterchromia adopted from AZ Cattle Dog Rescue. He is a handsome and photogenic pup.

Voting Begins

February 2nd at 2PM EST

Welcome to America's Favorite Pet! Kronos was selected to compete for a shot at $5,000 and a feature in Dogster or Catster magazine. Voting begins soon!

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What's Kronos’s favorite toy?

Kronos loves chasing his flirt pole, somersaulting with his pillow toy, and crunching his soccer ball.

What’s Kronos's go-to treat?

Kronos loves Starbucks puppachinos which is whipped cream in a cup for pups!

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Kronos is an adorable pup who makes many people smile with his videos. He's a multi-talented canine knowing a variety of tricks including dancing to Blanco Brown's Git Up, casting spells, riding brooms, skateboarding, and packing himself in a suitcase. He loves going for nature walks and some of his favorite past times include diving into water and splashing!