Rose is 11 month old rescue who is full of curiosity. She loves her toys and laying flat on back with legs and arms stretched for belly rubs

Placed 5th

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What's Rose’s favorite toy?

She has mouse toy she loves to throw in air and catch.

What’s Rose's go-to treat?

Delectables lickables treat

Why should they be the favorite cat?

This girl is gorgeous inside and out. First 6 months of her life she was horribly mistreated , she was rescued by a rescue organization who took her in and gave her a lot of love for 5 months before putting her up for adoption. I adopted her at 11 months old, it took a bit for her to overcome her shyness but she has blossomed & is loving, clever and sweet. It amazes me for kitty to go through so much, given a second chance can love and trust again.