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Bam Bam

BamBam is a 3 year old Saint bernard Great Pyrenees mix, loving and adventurous boy, he is an amazing companion and very fluffy.

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What's Bam Bam’s favorite toy?

Bam Bams favorite toy is a giant bone that he slowly has been chewing on overtime so it doesnt dissapear because he loves it to much.

What’s Bam Bam's go-to treat?

True chews steak treats

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Because he went through alot of abuse before he had been found and taken to a shelter. I went and adopted him and gave him the love he needed and got a second chance at life that everyone deserves. He changed me as much as I changed him for the better qualities in ourselves when we had both been going through hard times. We came out of it family and best friends and I truly believe he changes lives when people meet him because of the love he will show to anyone.