She is the best dog we ever, gentle, loving, she almost talks to us and has a sixth sense if we get sad...a big part of the fami

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What's Bellah’s favorite toy?

She has a pink bone toy that she carries around all the time...even when she goes outdoors...she comes and deposits it at our feet and demands for us to play..If we don't notice her, she will tell us with her way of barking that it is time to play..

What’s Bellah's go-to treat?

She LOVES large bones and will go hide it and get it out to play...she really enjoys them...She also loves dog treats...when we take her out, she expects a treat when she comes back inside and if she doesn't get it, she will bark telling us till she does...we say " Bellah, you want a treat?? And she will literally say yes barking...

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Because she is the perfect DOG....We have had many dogs throughout the years but this dog...a combination of dachshund with llasa apso is just incredibly perfect...She is so cute, and expressive, and smart and has been such a joy in our life's since day one!!!