Bobbin is so intelligent it’s scary good!! He is affectionate and an incredible companion! He’s also quite a character- funny an

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What's Bobbin’s favorite toy?

The night we rescued Bobbin 3 years ago , I bought a little stuffed gray mouse that to this day is his very FAVORITE! He loves to play fetch ( just like a dog! ) with this mouse !!!

What’s Bobbin's go-to treat?

Bobbin loves his Greenies ! Really doesn’t matter what flavor ( haha ) !! Eating has never been a problem thank goodness!!

Why should they be the favorite cat?

Bobbin is an exceptional cat! He is not only beautiful & intelligent, but he is loving, affectionate and is so in tune to when I’m not feeling well, he does anything he can to make me smile! It’s eerie the way he senses when I’m not well ... he is simply the BEST!!