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Carter is our newest family member with a personality that never stops. He is also a big love 💘 bug 🐛 and enjoys snuggles. We are BLESSED

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What's Carter’s favorite toy?

Carter loves his Flippity Fish he grabs flippity and kicks the fish with all his might and tosses him so he can catch him and do it again.

What’s Carter's go-to treat?

Carter loves his temptation crunchies i tempt him with one or two treats to get him to do tricks.

Why should they be the favorite cat?

Carter is a beautiful example of the all American cat. He is very handsome and his coloring is unique from other kitties, he looks like a snow leopard. Carter also has the fluffiest tail I have ever seen on a cat, my daughter says it looks like a big swiffer duster. His personality is the BEST, very loving and he is just a happy 😊 kitty 😺.