Coco’Nutz Rodriguez

Meet Coco 💙 (a.k.a Coco’nutz) She is a the sweetest Siberian Husky puppy with sky blue eyes and a big red heart ❤

Placed 23rd

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What's Coco’Nutz Rodriguez’s favorite toy?

She loves tennis balls! She also has a little stuffed husky, stuffed pork chop, donut toy and Chinese dumplings. Loves anything that squeaks! So spoiled and never gets bored. 💕

What’s Coco’Nutz Rodriguez's go-to treat?

She loves when her dad cooks steak or bacon the most! Also loves beef jerky and Blue Wilderness/Blue Buffalo treats. Loves ice cubes too!

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Coco’Nutz will make your day, bad or good. 💕 with her eagerness to give kisses, hugs and talkative personality, you will never want to say goodbye. She will never fail to make you smile or laugh. Belly rubs are her favorite! At 11 months old, she can sing, loves to play and people watch, knows tons of tricks, talks to you, and LOVES to be outdoors for hours exploring. She’s the best! Show her some love ❤️