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The world's most handsome house panther, helping promote the adoption of black cats and cancer warrior!

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What's Cole’s favorite toy?

Cole loves his catnip banana!

What’s Cole's go-to treat?

Cole LOVES freeze dried chicken treats and will sit like a gentleman on the kitchen counter meowing every so often (and looking very cute) until his servants do the right thing and give him some!

Why should they be the favorite cat?

Cole and his brother Marmalade have been entertaining and educating cat people online since 2012! ... Together they help spread pawsitive vibes around the world to keep people smiling and also help make a difference in the lives of kitties by promoting adoption, spay/neuter, fostering, caring for community cats and more. Cole also inspired his Dad "Cat Man Chris" to get more actively involved in helping rescue cats/kittens... in the past few years thousands of lives have been saved!