Dot is a 3yo JackChi who loves to cuddle more than anything. Besides cuddling, she loves people, pups, treats, walks, and peanut butter!

Placed 22nd

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What's Dot’s favorite toy?

Dot's favorite toy is her little toy monkey that she has had since the day we brought her home. It is the first toy she ever got and she loves it like a best friend. Whenever monkey comes out to play, zoomies are guaranteed to start!!

What’s Dot's go-to treat?

Dot's go-to treat would have to be peanut butter sticks. But her favorite treat is regular ol' PEANUT BUTTER, she's a basic girl, what can I say. Anytime I am in the kitchen and she hears me unscrew the top of the peanut butter container, she comes running. That is a special treat for her, so to keep her happy the sticks are a regular treat for her!

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Dot should be America's favorite pet because she truly is everyone's favorite pup after they meet her. She is the sweetest girl and loves everyone that she meets. Dot is so friendly and energetic but is also so sweet and so so cuddly. I think anybody who meets Dot is always so surprised by how much personality fits inside her lil 6lb body and they fall in love instantly. If everyone voting could meet miss Dot, she would definitely be their favorite!!