Fancy Faye

Fancy Faye was an abandoned puppy rescued from the streets 13 years ago . She is a loyal and loving companion and sports a stylish Mohawk.

Placed 14th

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What's Fancy Faye’s favorite toy?

She loves to chase & tree squirrels in the back yard ...her favorite toy is a stuffed squeaky squirrel. Just ask her “Where’s the squirrel Fancy Faye”...then she’s on high alert .

What’s Fancy Faye's go-to treat?

She love’s Pupperoni’s ! Sometimes she hesitates to come inside when called , but all I have to say is “PUPPERONI” and she comes running .

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Fancy Faye was thrown out in the street like a piece of thrash as if she didn’t matter or have any thing to offer but she has proven time and time again that she has a heart of gold full of love and loyalty. She’s extremely smart and has been such a blessing to our family . The person who abandoned her did not know what a treasure she really was. She “overcame” and she is “resilient” ! We didn’t rescue her ... she rescued us ! She is God sent !