Gunner is a 7 year chocolate lab. He is the most strongest and caring dog. He loves to play, swim, and go in the woods.

Placed 20th

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What's Gunner’s favorite toy?

Gunner loves anything. He usually gets a new toy once a week as he chews thru them like crazy!

What’s Gunner's go-to treat?


Why should they be the favorite dog?

Gunner is the strongest dog I have ever met. We got him 3 years ago. We honestly didn’t know what we were walking into. He had/ has massive allergy problems. Past month or so he was diagnosed with vestibular diease. As we thought he was getting better he relapsed. He is now doing better with baby steps and improves everyday. He is so strong and god definitely has a special place on this earth with us for him. He truly is our blessing and would be amazing for him to be America’s favor