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This is our beautiful Great Dane HarleyShaid. She is the smile on our faces every day. If you don't own 1 you need to look into it.

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What's HarleyShaid’s favorite toy?

Harley loves all toys that squeak. She will take her paw and push it over and over then jump back and look at me like momma do you hear this. Its the best momma. I really like it mom. Squeak Squeak Squeak!

What’s HarleyShaid's go-to treat?

Harley loves all treats but bones are her favorite. She swallowed a pigs ear last week whole. It got stuck in her throat and was the scariest thing ever. Other than that, kongs filled with peanut butter and piggies.

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Just look at that face. She has a personality like you couldn't imagine. She is so loving and caring. I can be crying and she will come lay down across me * thinking she is a lap dog) and whine while I'm crying and give me sloppy Dane Kisses with that big ol tongue. She is a bundle of joy and so smart. I would advise everyone to get a Great Dane if they want endless joy and happiness. You will never be lonely.