He’s like a dog he will play tag and greet you at the door. He never leaves you alone in the bathroom. He also loves food!!

Placed 6th

in their group

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What's Henry’s favorite toy?

Henry’s favorite toy is the laser beam!! He can chase it all day everyday . Also he loves his cardboard box!! He sits in it all day some times. And he loves chasing his owner playing tag.

What’s Henry's go-to treat?

My cats go to treat is pieces of turkey!! Loves it so much . His eyes get real big when he smells turkey on his plate

Why should they be the favorite cat?

He should be America’s favorite pet because he is legit Garfield !! He’s everyone favorite cat. Chunky, sweet and always hungry. The most playful boy. And just as adorable as puss in boots. The story behind him, my neighbor didn’t know he got out I didn’t know it was my neighbors cat. When I found out it was neighbors he couldn’t keep him anymore due to allergies so he gave him to me. He is my best friend and always chases me and blocks the door when I try to leav