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Jack is a deaf albino pitbull boxer golden retriever mix who was rescued from the desert when he was a month old.

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What's Jack’s favorite toy?

Jack loves cardboard boxes but his all time favorite toy is an antler that someone gave to him. He's a heavy chewer and this antler has lasted a lot longer than all of his other toys.

What’s Jack's go-to treat?

Jack loves all treats! He likes to steal bagels and hide them in our laundry hamper. He once stopped chewing on his bone to watch and entire buffalo wild wings commercial.

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Jack is a special guy who is a constant laugh. For instance one time he sneezed so hard he gave himself hiccups. Later that same day he sneezed so hard that he fell off the couch. He can't hear and sometimes thinks his tail is another animal and it scares him. He is full of kisses and has a gentle spirit. He's the epitome of stoke, loves to play, and will greet every human at the dog park first before saying hi to every dog. He brings us so much joy.