Kiwi is so playful, active, affectionate, amusing and loving. She brings us so much joy especially during this tough time.

Placed 5th

in their group

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What's Kiwi’s favorite toy?

Her favourite toy is her flamingo that chirps like a bird..

What’s Kiwi's go-to treat?

Her go to treat is Temptations chicken, beef turkey flavoured.

Why should they be the favorite cat?

My Kiwi, she is the most loving cat I have ever had.. she is a wonderful companion.. kiwi is such a playful, sweet, kind caring feline ... she is well behaved, and listens to me when we say “gentle” .. she follows me everywhere, while I’m cleaning or just cooking.. she sits on the kitchen chair just watching me .. She lights up my day with her sweet little face . I am blessed to have Kiwi part of my family.