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Koda is a spunky, smart, food loving little diva. She loves to cuddle after a good romp around and is always looking to make new friends!

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What's Koda’s favorite toy?

Kodas favorite toy is a big lamb chops stuffed lamb she got from our neighbors when we moved! Shes kept it intact- minus the nose! She also loves anything with water bottles. She goes crazy for those stuffed animals stuffed with a water bottle. She could hear a water bottle from a mile away and will come running to play.

What’s Koda's go-to treat?

Koda loves her food and she is far from picky! One of her favorite hobbies is trying new foods! One of her favorites is a frozen apple with peanut butter!

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Koda is just so loving and friendly with everyone. She enriches the lives of everyone she meets- Bringing joy wherever she goes! She knows when your having a tough day and she will just cuddle up with you and make you feel better instantly. Theres not a mean bone in her! She always tries to gather all the other pups up to play- making all dogs feel welcome!