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Leo is a happy, energetic, playful, loving, sweet & smart boy. He adores his frisbee and is completely unaware he is 95 lbs at 9 months.

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What's Leonidas’s favorite toy?

His frisbee for sure, but he has a toy chest of his own to choose from, and stay busy!

What’s Leonidas's go-to treat?

He does not discriminate, but the more chewing involved the better. Oh, unless it’s pumpkin, he loves puréed pumpkin.

Why should they be the favorite dog?

He’s an incredibly handsome, happy, lover of life. His energy is magnetic. His lust for life is contagious. He’s very well behaved, and makes people happy just by being sweet, goofy, happy Mr. Leo! He’s just so happy to be alive, and everything is a grand adventure to him. He’s a wonderful reminder of how beautiful life is, and how each day is a gift. Time is precious, and life is meant to be enjoyed. He embodies that.