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Louie is very smart and outgoing! He loves to play and talk. He’s the best, most loveable, and social pupper there is! Vote Louie!

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What's Louie’s favorite toy?

His favorite toy is an orange and blue ultra ball that he carries around with him 24/7! He loves playing fetch with it and it never leaves his side, he literally sleeps with it!

What’s Louie's go-to treat?

Louies go to treat and most favorite is when I cook him up a steak, medium rare! He also loves pupperonies! And lastly a good ole milk bone will always hit the spot for him as well!

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Louie should be America’s favorite dog because he’s a 3 year old pup who loves everyone! He’s fun, outgoing, knows many tricks and loves to play! He’s the most beautiful golden retriever and has the most beautiful golden orange brown coat! He glows and lights up every room he’s in! He brings positivity and love everywhere he goes. All my pupper photos are shot from my owner’s cell phone!