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Maxi. Is the Most Love-able cat Ever. He follows me like a dog. Talks to me in his own way. Even listens to my commands. Rare for a cat.

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What's Maxi’s favorite toy?

Maxi Loves balls - small soft type where he bats them when thrown to him - and even picks them up with his mouth - Maxi does not need prodding to play, he does so at his own desire!!

What’s Maxi's go-to treat?

Maxi is curious to some human foods - especially strawberries - he must be attracted to the smell, Maxi rubs all over the strawberry container until he tires out - but Maxi's cat treats are Temptations

Why should they be the favorite cat?

Maxi is an absolute fun, gentle, charismatic animal who I rescued 4 years ago. I have to say that Maxi has actually rescued me with being my unconditional friend. It's hard to tell seeing a cat in a shelter, in a cage probably frightened if that pet would be a good fit. I definitely made the best decision of my life taking Maxi home.