Max is a 1-year old Siberian Husky with high-energy who loves to go running and play tug-a-war!

Placed 13th

in the Quarter-finals

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What's Maximilliano’s favorite toy?

Max loves anything that squeaks. The louder the better! Max also enjoys playing tug-a-war with his ropes.

What’s Maximilliano's go-to treat?

Max loves ANYTHING Peanut Butter!

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Max loves running, playing with any squeaky toy, rolling in the snow, snacking on peanut butter, cuddling on the couch, car rides, and posing for pictures. Max is a loving, caring, strong, and playful puppy. Max goes to training weekly and knows all his commands (sit, down, stay, look). He is a registered emotional support dog. He is the perfect companion. His heterochromia (bi-colored eyes) makes him unique.