Mickey is a medium sized mutt with a big attitude. He’s got sass, spunk, and a cranky hip, but most of all he’s got spirit.

Placed 12th

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What's Mickey’s favorite toy?

Mickey's favorite toy is his angry carrot. He loves its big squeaker and crinkly leaves. His playtime vibes are a mix of murderous tendencies and adorableness. Although he doesn't like his vegetables much, his carrot toy is his best buddy. After a long day of shaking and throwing it around they can always snuggle up for a good nap.

What’s Mickey's go-to treat?

Mickey's a sucker for anything with a scent but his favorite thing to snack on is a bully stick which he loves to try and eat as fast as he can so he never has to share. A choking hazard wont stop him from chomping down on a good treat.

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Mickey's a character and he's got many great qualities that make him the dog to lift America's spirit. He's got sass, spunk, and smarts. He's also a strong little guy as he has struggled throughout his life with a cranky hip, but that doesn't stop him from strutting his stuff. Mickey wants to bring smiles, fun, and sass to the world.