He is a fuzzy lover boy and he’s the furriest of them all!

Placed 12th

in their group

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What's Mufasa’s favorite toy?

Mufasa’s favorite toy would probably have to be his scratching post. He uses it everyday and at night I hear him wrestling with it. He especially loves his catnip and is addicted to it.

What’s Mufasa's go-to treat?

The Milk Temptations are always his go to treat.

Why should they be the favorite cat?

I personally think Mufasa should be America’s Favorite because he is such a lover boy and he cuddles with you all the time. He knows how to open doors and cabinets, and does it right in front of us as if he doesn’t know he’s not supposed to. He’s just so Handsome it’s hard to yell at him. I hope you guys can see what I see in Mufasa and vote for him. I’m positive he will put a big smile on everyone’s face.