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Muggsy Mugz

Muggsy Mugz is 8 months old. He is the sweetest and is friends with everyone!! He is super loving and cuddly!! He loves his naps and snores!

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What's Muggsy Mugz’s favorite toy?

His honking pig!!

What’s Muggsy Mugz's go-to treat?

American cheese singles and ice cream!!

Why should they be the favorite dog?

He is super adorable and loves everyone!! Everyone loves Muggsy Moo.. A.K.A. Mr. Chunk!! He loves car rides and going bye bye with his mommy! Loves to play with his toyes and throws them in the air to catch them. Look at all his wrinkles!! Look at the face!! You just fall in love!! How could you not??....He is an English Bulldog with combined 17 lines of Champion Blood ,!!