Nali and Luna

The pups are 10 months old and are a handful but have a heart of gold. They love every kind of animal and always want to show you love!

Placed 4th

in their group

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What's Nali and Luna’s favorite toy?

Eachother. they play together. Eat together. Sleep together.. They love to play with the cat and rabbit also. They are so gentle with them . They like to fight over a tennis ball occasionally.

What’s Nali and Luna's go-to treat?

Anything! Carrots, bread, green beans.

Why should they be the favorite dog?

These two are inseparable. They love each other wholeheartedly and love our family. We got Nali at 8 weeks and then Luna at 14 weeks. Luna was neglected by her first family.they are from same litter. I have medical issues and they are always by my side. They laid with our dog while he past on to the rainbow bridge.