Great conversationalist with unique verbal skills, Mama being his favorite word to say. Fabulous, furry physique due to indoor living.

Placed 9th

in their group

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What's Oliver’s favorite toy?

Oliver loves playing with little stuffed mice in variety of colors as long as they smell like Catnip. Shoestrings too as long as they're out of the shoe.

What’s Oliver's go-to treat?

No treats as Oliver has tummy troubles but he has been seen snitching a taste of vanilla ice cream every now and then if a bowl is left unattended for more than a second or two.

Why should they be the favorite cat?

Oliver loves being an American cat and would represent all pets equally. He believes his Hooman Mom was predestined to find this contest cuz she could really use the money...and he wants the notoriety and the Cover shoot. If a gecko can sell car insurance, why not have Oliver rep America 🇺🇸 USA USA 🇺🇸