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Patton was adopted as a 1 year old, unhealthy rescue. At 2yrs, you can tell he is no longer unhealthy. He would make a handsome winner!!

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What's Patton’s favorite toy?

Patton's favorite toy is his three ring tug toy, balls and often seems to be his Catahoula sister puppy, Izzy. They are really close but play rough. After a rough and active playtime, Patton lets her sleep in the curve of his body. Patton's favorite toy is his 3 ring tug toy, and balls or any shape or type. He also thinks his sister, Catahoula puppy, sister is a toy. They often do a little rough play but when finished, he let's her rest in the curve of his body.

What’s Patton's go-to treat?

Chicken flavored Carry Outs.

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Patton is a rescue that came to us when he was 1 year old. He was so thin his bones protruded and he was very sick from parasites. He did not bark for 2 months. We played barking videos and barked at him a lot. He gradually got comfortable with barking. Now barking is one of his favorite things (lol). He is two years old now and one of the most handsome German Shepherds ever. He is sweet and loves to be loved (very often, lol) If he gets voted in, he will win everyone's heart!!