Retha Bell

We rescued Jack when he was only 4 months old and he has been such a blessing to us. He’s fun to watch fun to play with.

Placed 19th

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What's Retha Bell’s favorite toy?

Jack has several toys but his favorite are these little fuzzy balls that he plays fetch with every night at bedtime.

What’s Retha Bell's go-to treat?

Greenies chicken flavor

Why should they be the favorite cat?

Jack is a super sweet kitty and brings so much into our lives. We had just moved to Texas and so far away from our families. I googled local rescue facilities and decided to go see what they had. There were so many cats, of all ages and I knew I wanted a young one. When they told me his name I knew he was the one because my husbands name is Jack and it was perfect. He’s such a blessing to us and he brings us so much joy. Best decision we’ve ever made.