Rosie Belle

Rosie Belle is a super fun & lovable lab mix rescue dog that loves to pay it forward and help other rescue dogs find their furever home.

Placed 2nd

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What's Rosie Belle’s favorite toy?

A tennis ball is Rosie Belle’s favorite toy. She can never have too many balls to play fetch with. She also likes to play with toys she can tug such as rope toys.

What’s Rosie Belle's go-to treat?

She does love a good dog treat. Anything with a peanut butter flavor is her favorite. When Rosie Belle travels, she likes to bring elk antlers to chew on as well as smoked hard cheese for the ride.

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Rosie Belle is not only an all American awesome rescue dog, but she pays it forward by going to rescue events with her furever best friend to promote animal adoption. She thinks every dog deserves to find their furever best friend. Rosie Belle was found under and abandoned house by a group of teenagers and then sent to a shelter. She was then adopted by a family who never knew how much of an amazing impact Rosie Belle would make on their lives. It's truly a Who Rescued Who success story.