Rosie is almost 7 years old. She is a therapy dog for St John Ambulance and a Reading Tutor Therapy Dog for a school division.

Placed 3rd

in their group

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What's Rosie’s favorite toy?

Anything that squeaks

What’s Rosie's go-to treat?

Benny Bullies & Costco bones

Why should they be the favorite dog?

She is a amazing foster sister to all the dogs I bring home from the non profit rescue we volunteer with, especially to pups. She shows them it’s a safe space to just be a dog.She shows them love and how to feel safe. She put smiles on passengers faces when we walk through the airport and comfort those who are nervous of flying or just miss their own pets. She shows struggling readers how to feel comfortable reading out loud with no judgment Rosie worked hard to be part of Manitoba Anim