Ms.Ruby will take the doubt out, of anyone not sure of owning a pet. She is loyal,loving,obident so fun to play with.

Placed 18th

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What's Ruby’s favorite toy?

Rope or anything you can play tug a war with. It use to be chasing soccer balls. But she torn her ACL doing it. She had to have a TPLO surgery in her right leg then two years she did the same with her left. She is my $10,000 dollar dog. Lol She is back to herself 100%. Full of energy, and can't get enough of humans. She's a Trooper

What’s Ruby's go-to treat?

Pork chomps sticks.

Why should they be the favorite dog?

First reason she's BEAUTIFUL! (2) When Ruby was 1 she didn't have the best of luck with the outdoors. She was attacked by a 2 stray dogs, had to have 50 + stitches to close her tummy inside & out. Then as I mentioned above she has had two TPLO surgeries that keep her from being the energetic pup she was. But only for a while after 6 months she was back to her old self. Until it happened again. Now she's 4, & runs full speed ahead and even more lovable & back to her own self again!