Sadie Ann

Sadie is an active girl who loves to hunt birds and play dummy!! She's a two year old British Red Fox Lab, and a very good family dog.

Placed 10th

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What's Sadie Ann’s favorite toy?

Her favorite toy is her dummy as she loves retrieving anything!! She's great at Frisbee and loves camping, hunting and ice fishing!! She goes everywhere we do🥰🦮

What’s Sadie Ann's go-to treat?

Sausages for sure😂. A good fresh bone from the meat market on special occasions!! Loved boiled egg on Sunday 😃

Why should they be the favorite dog?

She is an all around good girl and special member of the family, her crazy quirk's (like chasing shadows of any kind) to her loyalty to the family ❤️ She brings many smiles 🥰. My favorite thing to do with her is dance 🩰 Say Alexa and she comes ready to dance 🤣🤣