He is a rescue that was found in the street alone at 1 month . I rescued him at 3 month , I fell in love with him and he has saved me .

Placed 24th

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What's Simba’s favorite toy?

Simba favorite toy is his turkey ,it is a latex fat turkey that he loves . Every time someone comes into the house he brings them his turkey . He love when we play fetch with his turkey .

What’s Simba's go-to treat?

Simba number 1 go to treat are milk bone with Greek yogurt that I make him for and we bond over it . His other favorite treat are pup peroni beef sticks .

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Simba should be American favorite because he is so unique and I have never seen a dog like him in ads or movies . I want to show the world how special Simba is and show him all the love he has gave me and other in his life . Simba is the center of my world my child my best friend I know that sounds basic but it’s true . Simba has spark a light in me that I didn’t know I had .