Sinbad is like a dog in a cat’s body. Very affectionate and loves all dogs and cats. He is a Highland Lynx and has 6 toes on each paw.

Placed 3rd

in their group

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What's Sinbad’s favorite toy?

His blue rubber ball

What’s Sinbad's go-to treat?

Any treat but right now he is in love with Blue Bursts

Why should they be the favorite cat?

Sinbad is very unique-he has the characteristics of a dog and is extremely personable. I take him on walks around the complex where I live and everyone loves him. He gets along with all the dogs and cats and loves to kiss. In the morning he would rather kiss and cuddle than eat. He also loves to jump to the highest cabinet in my kitchen, He has a 6 foot tall cat tree to entertain him and watches the birds in the trees. A real love bug.