Soji the destroyer

½bulldog ½shitzu all attitude. No #bullshitz. Just turned 1yrold. She loves other dogs and people she loves to make tiktoks

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What's Soji the destroyer’s favorite toy?

She's a bullshitz so she will make anything her new favorite toy.. she has a fave... it's dad, or gumby, or a Nylabone, or a stick from the back yard.. she also thinks our 13yr old shiba is a chew toy and drives him crazy. But keeps him young as well

What’s Soji the destroyer's go-to treat?

Did you say treat?... her favorite treat is anything from her Mohawk to her rawhides.. to waking dad up every morning with a 31.8lb pounce on his chest and lots of kisses.. usually with a very wet beard

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Last yr we lost my baby suki to lymphoma at 13 💔 4 days later my mom brings over a puppy named Buck from her friend's house. She tells us "he's got a sister that needs a home". We never planned on another pet. But, Dude lost the partner he had for his whole life, and he was with her at the end. When we saw Soji, she hugged my arm as I held her, and she was ours. Just look at her face, and she'll steal your 💖as well.. follow her on tiktok too! we'll help local shelters with the prize m