Stella Grace

Stella Grace is her moms side kick! A ball of love and affection 24/7. She loves helping mom cook, clean, and can fall asleep anywhere !

Placed 7th

in their group

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What's Stella Grace’s favorite toy?

Anything that moves! She loves any string toy or even a ball of paper! Her favorite is her bird on a string (look at the pictures) she carries it round the house all the time with the string dragging

What’s Stella Grace's go-to treat?

She loves white meat chicken, any white cheese ( she hates yellow), and her soft treats she gets every now and then.

Why should they be the favorite cat?

Stella is the most loving and caring cat ever. She’s down to earth and loves everyone once she gets to know them. She loves cuddles and licking your face. She is beyond smart and knows every word you say to her. She knows good from bad! She never scratches the furniture either! She’s been my save and grace, and her sweet soul has won my heart forever .