Steve is weird. The weirdest cat you’ve ever met. His love is crazy.

Placed 6th

in the Quarter-finals

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What's Steve’s favorite toy?

Any reading glasses. If you put them somewhere that Steve can get to, when you come back they are gone. Good luck finding them. And if you do find them they have been chewed to smithereens. See....Steve is weird.

What’s Steve's go-to treat?

Bacon. Of course. Steve coined the phrase “Everything is better with bacon.” Well, actually we know he didn’t, but he thinks he did. I told you Steve is weird!

Why should they be the favorite cat?

Steve was a feral kitten who showed up at our house days after our beloved cat Tiggy passed. His markings are exactly the same as hers were, so we figured Tiggs had sent him to us to heal. We had to try and outsmart him to get him to come in. It was a chore! He was petrified of us but as soon as he met our other three cats he immediately was overjoyed to find friends and now this is home. He refuses to even consider going out. Now that’s weird! I guess he needed us as much as we needed him