Tiger is a 10 year old Australian Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix we adopted from a rescue when he was a puppy.

Placed 8th

in their group

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What's Tiger’s favorite toy?

Tiger absolutely loves his little squeaky "Monster" toy he has had since a pup. He surprisingly now shares it well with his little dog sis, Adelheid.

What’s Tiger's go-to treat?

Tiger loves any treat, especially the doggy ice cream sundaes a neighborhood ice cream stand offers near our house. We love supporting small businesses!

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Never met a dog that looks like our Tiger! He is also so dopey and loveable while being protective of his home and family. The neighborhood (humans and dogs included) acknowledge him as the Alpha "king" he is, and for his 10 year Birthday celebration we think he deserves to hold the title of "America's Favorite!"