Tucker is so special That is impossible to describe in 140 characters. His face says it all with his beautiful blue eyes and gentle soul.

Placed 21st

in their group

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What's Tucker’s favorite toy?

I love his stuffed bottle of Chardonnay with a squeaker in it because he walks around the house with it in his mouth like he’s drinking it.

What’s Tucker's go-to treat?

Freeze dried sweet potatoes...

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Tucker Has brought so much joy to everyone he meets. During one of the hardest years this country has gone through he has made so many people smile and happy. He quickly became the dog park favorite. Before he was three months old he has learnt how to sit, lay down, go to his bed, and ring the bell to go outside. Although once he got the hang of that he started to ring it to go out n play. Anyone who walks in the house he has a smother with hugs. No doubt he is a very special dog.