Xavier is my son. I adopted him from the NV Humane Society 4 years ago when my best friend died & he has become the light of my life!

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What's Xavier’s favorite toy?

Xavier favorite toy is his tennis ball. Since adopting him, Xavier has been my trusty football companion & he loves the game! When we watch our favorite team (Baltimore Ravens) play he likes to emulate the players, especially special teams. Unlike most dogs whom likes to play fetch, he likes to play keep-a-way. I would throw his tennis ball while he simultaneously runs to catch it in the air. He then runs back toward me as if he's running for the end zone. He is my little running back.

What’s Xavier's go-to treat?

Xavier like dog treats, especially the beef jerky type. Most times, however, he likes to eat the snacks he sees me eating. I love to eat watermelon during the summer & he also loves seedless watermelon. I swear Xavier thinks he's a real boy!

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Xavier is so smart & lovable. He instantly makes anyone around him smile and fall in love with him. He rarely barks or shows any type of aggression, unless he's in "protector" mode. He is an awesome model who loves to show off anything new - shoes, clothes, toys, etc. Lastly, he is a natural with the camera. He knows when someone is photographing or recording him, and he is always ready with his best pose.