This is my beautiful but deadly red tail hawk! Her name is Artemis and she is a true goddess of the hunt!

Placed 15th

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What is the funniest thing your pet has done?

She is very inquisitive and when she notices change she gets very close and curious! For example she doesn’t understand my tye-dye pants because of the pattern on them, so she will turn her head upside down and side to side while she tries to figure out what is going on with my pants! She also tried to nibble on my nose piercing when I first got it done because she recognized that wasn’t there before.

What’s your pet's go-to treat?

She loves to eat ground squirrels, unlike most pets her treats all involve meat!

Why should they be America's Favorite Pet?

Red tail hawks are misunderstood and they are the most often heard raptor in movies, as it’s their call used as an eagle call in movies. They don’t attack peoples dogs or cats, they really prefer mice and snakes. They serve a valuable purpose in nature’s life cycle.