Harry was a Las Vegas Dumped rabbit. A Rescue picked him up, and I adopted him in NC. He now has a loving home. He’s the one who rescued me!

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You decide if Harry will be America's Favorite Pet, take home $10,000, and land a feature in InTouch Magazine! Voting begins on August 22nd at 10AM PDT.

Voting begins August 22nd at 10AM PDT

What is the funniest thing your pet has done?

Harry likes to throw cups in his water bowl if I don’t feed him fast enough. He waits for me at the door at 5 AM for food. If I am a bit late, he will throw his toys or cups and make a loud racket.

What’s your pet's go-to treat?

Harry loves bananas! If I ask him if he wants a “Nanna Treat” he will stop whatever he is doing and barrel towards me to get it. Even the smell of bananas makes him go crazy.

Why should they be America's Favorite Pet?

Harry has overcome a lot in his short 4 years of life. He was thrown out like garbage at a Las Vegas rabbit dump site. He survived predators, cars, and the elements. A caring rescue picked him up. They transferred him from rescue to rescue as they worked to try to save all the bunnies. This is still an ongoing issue today. Despite all of the odds,he learned to trust humans and is now safe in his forever home with me. He is my grief counselor, my calming spirit. He taught me unconditional love.