Lily is very sweet, and lovable when she wants to be. Loves her treats and belly rubs. She knocks down a Kleenex box to get water in a bowl.

Placed 11th

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What is the funniest thing your pet has done?

She loves her tummy rubbed. One day when she wanted it rubbed she rolled over too far and fell off the table. She tried to hang on with her front paws so she wouldn’t fall. So she was just hanging there. She also wanted to see the birds outside. She jumped up and hit the window when it was closed hurting her paw, cutting it bad on the vent. She had to get it cauterized because it wouldn’t stop bleeding. She had wear a cone for a couple days and take some pain meds that made her eyes so big.

What’s your pet's go-to treat?

Friskies party mix chicken and liver or just chicken. She’s very picky. Only likes dry food. Turns her nose up at people food too but likes to smell it.

Why should they be America's Favorite Pet?

Head butts and cuddles always make you feel good when your down. They are always there for you. They do stupid things which make you laugh and love them even more. I love my Lily. She helped us all through a hard time when we lost our first cat Patches. We could not go a day without another cat so we got her right away as a rescue kitten when she was 8 weeks old. Best thing we ever did.