Loki is smart, playful, and spoiled to the core! He’s a 75 lb lap dog who loves unconditionally! He has cancer we could treat with winnings!

Placed 8th

in their group

America's Favorite Pet would like to thank Loki's supporters for helping us donate to the PAWS Foundation by participating in the competition!

One pet will win $10,000 & be featured in InTouch Magazine

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What is the funniest thing your pet has done?

Loki is constantly doing things that are quirky parts of his personality. He has to sleep under the covers at night, and “twerks” with his butt against the bed to wake up his parents every morning! Once, he jumped out of a (slow) moving vehicle to make friends with a deer at a state park. No worries, he and the deer are fine.

What’s your pet's go-to treat?

Cherry Tomatoes make his eyes roll back in his head! He will wake up out of a dead sleep if he hears Mom or Dad reaching for tomatoes. He finds the grocery bag with those red little morsels before they can be unpacked—every time!

Why should they be America's Favorite Pet?

Loki has such a vibrant personality. He knows how to tell us exactly what he’s thinking despite not being able to talk. He truly is a one-of-a-kind canine! He was recently diagnosed with lymphoma, and it would be such an honor for him to be recognized as America’s favorite pet! A win might help him get the treatment he needs to be around for his golden years. ❤️🐾