Simba! Big Snuggle Bug that’s a gentle giant! Loves to watch birds, lay in his cat stroller, & make big biscuits on his blanket!

Placed 22nd

in their group

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What is the funniest thing your pet has done?

Stole a piece of fried chicken off my plate and ran and hid it behind his cat bed.

What’s your pet's go-to treat?

Marshmallows when we take him out back in his stroller and he has campfires with us.

Why should they be America's Favorite Pet?

The kindest, gentlest, snuggliest cat that you’ll ever meet. He also has the craziest intuition I have ever seen in a animal. If your having a bad day, going through something etc. He just knows. And won’t leave your side all day. Just be there for you to pet and snuggle.