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Rescued from a grain elevator pipe. Loved by everyone. Has an underbite which causes a big smile. Buddy touches everybody's ❤❤

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What's Buddy’s favorite toy?

Buddy's is a clown. His favorite toy is his fuzzy bed that he throws up in the air and runs under as fast as he can so it will come down and cover him up which he has mastered well. Although not a toy, he also loves playing his "own version" of hide and seek with his dachshund sister who does not always appreciate his sense of humor. He loves playing ball and frisbee with the children in his life, however, does not understand this means he must bring it back to continue playing.

What’s Buddy's go-to treat?

Buddy has become a cheese connoisseur. When the refrigerator opens, he makes a mad dash to the kitchen to see if "mom" is taking off the wrapper of Baby Bella cheese. He knows if he is given an imposter cheese and will immediately spit it out. Mom tells him he cannot eat too much cheese as it will upset his digestive system and will make him to roly poly to chase birds and squirrels in the woods, however he tries his best to bribe her with his sweet eyes and big smile for just one more

Why should they be the favorite dog?

Buddy is a big flirt, Despite being dumped, living in a pipe, sick and hungry, timid and scared, his personality has blossomed like sunshine with a bit of hurricane mixed in. He has perfected his snuggling skills, loves being a couch potato and is an expert bird and squirrel watcher. He seems to know when someone is having a bad day comforting them with his friendly outgoing personality and heartwarming smile. Buddy lives up to his name as he is every person that he meets "Buddy".

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