She’s a rescue kitty that has turned out to be my cuddle bug Velcro kitty that makes my heart smile!


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What's your cat’s favorite toy and/or go-to treat?

Her favorite toy is any type of wire or straw and her climb up my leg favorite treat is anything tuna.

What is your favorite thing about your cat?

She brings me leaves every day and sometimes more than once a day. She comes through her kitty door and drops the leaves in the middle of the floor and starts meowing. If I’m not in the room…… she will find me and meow until I acknowledge my leaves and give her some love ❤️

Why should your cat be America’s Favorite?

She’s just such a sweet and beautiful kitty. For being a rescue, I guess she knows her life could have been cold and lonely so she just loves me as much as I do her. She’s a great example of the joy a rescue kitty can bring to someone. She came into my life during a hard year and has made my heart smile every day. Yes, I call her a terrorist (all in fun).... but she's my terrorist and I love her. Even strangers comment on how social and loving she is.

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