Precious is a pretty princess who adores dressing up for picnics, tea parties, & Ragdoll baby buggy rides, carted or cradled & always close!


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What's your cat’s favorite toy and/or go-to treat?

Precious loves Feather boas, jingly balls, fuzzy little mouse toys, and fluttering butterflies.

What is your favorite thing about your cat?

Precious is a very patient, sweet, and loving kitty. She is easy going and gentle and enjoys being carried around or sprawling across our lap. She happily purrs loudly and kneads kitty biscuits whenever pet. Precious has to be wherever you are and can be found happily prancing behind. Precious is the sweetest little Ragdoll lap-kitty with mesmerizing blue eyes and is so very loving she will melt any heart!

Why should your cat be America’s Favorite?

Precious would be the purrfect Kitty ambassador for the Ragdoll breed and felines worldwide. Ragdolls are America’s most favorite cat and for good reason, many have never experienced the pure joy of the “puppy-cat”. Their sweet-loving, outgoing, friendly, and easily adaptable personality is why Ragdolls like Precious are highly sought after for therapy cats in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice centers and anywhere a human soul needs solace. Precious is this beloved kitty and so very much more!

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